Admin Assistant

    Angie was born in Wingham, Ontario. She lived in Saskatchewan and Alberta during her teens and twenties. She worked at Nakiska Ski Resort in Kananaskis Country as well as at the Kananaskis Golf and Country Club. Since then, Angie came back to her roots in Onrario and met her husband and two step daughters. She and her husband enjoy time together with their family and love being grandparents (Papa & Honey) to their granddaughter.

    Angie enjoys being active; going for walks, doing pilates, jumping on the trampoline to name a few. Angie also enjoys reading books and spending time with her friends, listening to podcasts and music. Before coming to CBC as the Admin Assistist Angie worked as an Educational Assistant. Currently Angie is one of the Youth leaders and is part of a worship ensemble. 

    Angie is thankful for the Lord's grace in saving her when she had no idea that she needed to be saved. "brought from darkness to light" (Ephesians 5:8) "a slave to sin now a slave to righteousness" (Romans 6:15-23). Angie loves the word of God and how it has the power to transform lives. As Angie steps out of her comfort zone and into places the Lord leads she prays for boldness and love to reach the lost and share the same gospel that transformed her life.