Stem Club 

     Community Bible Church is offering S.T. E. M. Club Tuesdays 6pm-7:30pm, beginning Oct 3rd.

    • STEM Club helps kids improve their critical thinking and communication skills. Leading them to ask more questions, and seek more answers. 
    • This 24-week Program offers stories about God the creator and some of the many inventors who love God. 
    • STEM Club is available for Grade 1-5 students. There is something for any skill level. Kids learn at their own pace. 
    • Tech Tree Rewards and Club Badges provide kids incentives to work together to achieve a greater common goal. 
    • STEM Club gives kids the opportunity to grow academically and spiritually. 

    It is our desire to give our community the opportunity to learn more about the gospel through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

    Cost: $75 per first family member, $50 for each additional child. (finacial assistance is available)

    Payment can be made by dropping it off here at the church, mail, etransfer instruction link here  or you can bring the first night. 

    Please click here to register