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    • Feb12Fri

      BOOK LOOK- by Cathy Chapin

      February 12, 2021 by Cathy Chapin


      KIDNAPPED IN THE  NIGER DELTA    By David and Shirley Donovan

       British missionaries David and Shirley Donovan have run  New Foundations , an Evangelical Mission in the Niger Delta for 15 years sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through the vehicle of evidence-based Primary HealthCare. Their...

    • Oct14Wed

      BOOK LOOK by Cathy Chapin

      October 14, 2020

      As I was completing my last review “ the Post Quarantine Church”  by Thom Rainer, a book came to mind that I feel should be the follow-up. It is one of the best books that I have read dealing with attitudes toward change. My prayer is that those who have read it before will reread it and those who have not will take the  ...

    • Sep25Fri

      Book Look by Cathy Chapin

      September 25, 2020

      BOOK LOOK  by Cathy Chapin                                                     



      By Alasdair Paine

      Alasdair Paine is an accomplished geographer, pastor and Bible student and all these disciplines add to the rich depth of his writing.

      Who are we? Why are we here? Why is life both beautiful and tragic? Where is real hope ?

       The opening chapters of...

    • Jul24Fri

      "A Book Look" - From the PLAINS of Nineveh, By MARANATHA WEEKS

      July 24, 2020 by Jami-Ann St Pierre

      Grateful to Samaritan’s Purse for the opportunity to serve as a front line nurse, Maranatha Weeks departs on January 16, 2017 from the US to arrive at the Emergency Field Hospital in Iraq.  In her own words she states;”God led me to the front lines of a battlefield, unfolding His works within the following narrative, as I...

    • Jul17Fri

      Opening Sunday

      July 17, 2020 Brian Burnet
      Opening Sunday
      On behalf of the Elders I want to say how excited we are to finally be returning to live services.  We have so appreciated the team who have tirelessly brought us the Live Stream service each Sunday.  And while this will continue, we look forward now to seeing many people in the pews as...
    • Jun26Fri

      These are Challenging Days (You know this)

      June 26, 2020 Pastor Byron Hand

                  These have been some challenging days in which to live. You all know this because you have been living it. During these difficult and challenging days I have been so grateful for God’s Word that has been confronting and challenging me daily. I have been so thankful for our staff and volunteers who...

    • Jun19Fri

      Identity Theft

      June 19, 2020 Pastor Byron Hand

      Not only are we in the midst of a global pandemic, but our world is also embroiled in racial tension and violence. Dr. Tony Evans speaks with clarity and conviction to this issue and to our generation. 

      “One of the biggest challenges today, when it comes to crime, is identity theft. People will steal your identity for their own...

    • Our E-Bulletin will look a little different this week. I am going to ask you to read our passage for Sunday and think through a few questions. 

                  Our text this week deals with WISDOM. Let’s get a few definitions on the table to begin with: 

      “The fear of...

    • Jun5Fri

      5 Things to Pray: Praying for Kingdom Growth

      June 5, 2020 Pastor Byron Hand

      In the midst of this Global Pandemic I commended to you Rachel Jones new book “5 Things to Pray in a Global Crisis.” How we can best pray in the midst of our current crisis. These days of crisis Jones encourages us to pray in 5 categories: 

      1. Pray for our Heart
      2. Pray for our Family
      3. Pray for the Response
      4. Praying for my Church