From the Pastors Desk


    • In the midst of this Global Pandemic I commend to you Rachel Jones new book “5 Things to Pray in a Global Crisis.” Rachel is the author of the series of books “5 Things to Pray ….” (Kids, Church, World, People you Love, City). In this most recent book she addresses how we can best pray in the midst of our current crisis. These days of crisis Jones encourages us to pray in 5 categories: 

      1. Pray for our Heart
      2. Pray for our Family
      3. Pray for the Response (i.e. The Response to the Crisis) 
      4. Pray for our Church
      5. Pray for Kingdom Growth


      This week we will look at category 1 – Praying for our Heart. 


                  Since this COVID-19 began our hearts have been on a roller coaster of emotions and a flood of thoughts. Here are some principles and scripture references to help us pray for our hearts: (Best to pray with our eyes and our bible open) 


      1. Pray for Peace when I am Anxious – Psalm 23 – “Father in heaven, help me to trust that you are … “
        1. My Good Shepherd – v:1
        2. Guiding me – v:3
        3. Leading me through – v:4
        4. With me tomorrow – v:6
        5. My Shepherd Eternally – v:6

           2. Pray for Comfort when I am Lonely – Psalm 139 – “Father, when I am lonely, help me remember …” 

        1. You Know Me – vv:1-2
        2. Your Spirit is with me – v:7
        3. Your Hope – v:12
        4. Your Sovereignty – v:16
        5. Your Call to Love Others – v:24

            3.  Pray for Wisdom when I am Uncertain – Proverbs 3:1-12 – Whether we’re weighing up risks or trying to plan for the future in the midst  of uncertainty, we need wisdom. So ask God to help you … 

        1. Remember His Word – v:1
        2. Trust in Him – v:5
        3. Walk His Paths – v:6
        4. Honour Him Financially – v:9
        5. Discern where he is correcting you – vv:11-12

            4. Pray for Patience when I am Frustrated – James 5:7-11 – “Lord I need to be …”

        1. Patient for Christ’s Coming – vv:7-8
        2. Patient with my Words – v:9
        3. Patient in my Witness – v:10
        4. Patient with God – v:11
        5. Patient LIKE God – v:11 – Full of Compassion and Mercy

            5. Pray for Confidence when I am Confused – Isaiah 55:1-13 – “Why is God letting this happen?” A crisis can raise all sorts of doubts and questions. Ask God to give you confidence that He is real and that His ways are … 

        1. Generous – v:1
        2. Merciful – v:7
        3. Higher than Mine – v:9 
        4. Purposeful – v:11
        5. Eternally Glorious – vv:12-13


      “And pray that throughout this crisis, your greatest longing would be not to know all the answers but for God to be glorified.” Rachel Jones

             6. Pray for Hope when I am Grieving – John 11:1-44 – “Whether you’re mourning someone close to you or for the many who have died, ask God to help you … “

        1. Call on Jesus – v:3
        2. See God’s Glory – v:4
        3. Receive Eternal Life – vv:25-26
        4. Know that Jesus Cares – vv:33, 35
        5. Witness God’s Intervention – v:43 


      In Conclusion: “Just as the Father accepted his Son’s prayer (v 41-42), so he accepts the prayers of his Son’s people. What might it look like for God to intervene in this situation for good? Ask him to act in that way now.” Rachel Jones


      God Bless You All … “See” You Sunday


      Pastor Byron