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      Opening Sunday

      July 17, 2020 Brian Burnet
      Opening Sunday
      On behalf of the Elders I want to say how excited we are to finally be returning to live services.  We have so appreciated the team who have tirelessly brought us the Live Stream service each Sunday.  And while this will continue, we look forward now to seeing many people in the pews as well!   Here are some things you should know:
      Pre-Registration-Don't forget you need to pre-register if you plan on attending a "physical" service at CBC. You can register through the weekly invitation email that will be sent out, on the Home page of our website, or by calling the main office. Please note that ALL family members attending need to register. This can now be done from 1 email address. Just add each "Family Member" attending with you. If you have any difficulty registering, please call the main office-519.225.2580.
      You may wonder why you have to pre-register.  Unfortunately, this is a government requirement and all churches will be keeping attendance records each Sunday.   Having you pre-register will ensure that we don’t exceed the number allowed due to physical distancing.  Government guidelines indicate that we can accommodate 90 people in the auditorium.  Pre-registration will ensure we don’t exceed that number.
      Arrival-Please arrive 15 min. prior to the church service in order to give enough time to "check in". The church doors will open at 10:15am.  Service will begin promptly at 10:30. *Please do not drop off family members/friends at the front doors unless they have mobility issues. Thank you.
      Check-In-We will be taking attendance by scanning barcode cards (much like a points card for grocery stores) that will be prepared in advance for each church family prior to your first service back. NOTE: There is no personal info on these cards. This will be a safe, quick way to take attendance (again, a government mandate) and will allow us to contact anyone attending a service should someone later test positive for Covid-19.
      Washrooms-Please use your washroom at home if at all possible. Washrooms will be for emergencies only.
      Masks - Masks are strongly encouraged. Please bring your own if possible. Masks will be provided at the church if needed. 
      Sanitizer- Sanitizer will be available  
      Bring- Bring your Bible, pen/pencil, writing materials.  Do not share.
      We are not allowed to sing just yet, but you can hum along and fully participate in worship in a whole new way. The pews have been marked with green tape every 6 ft. to ensure safe distancing.
      Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the "Guidebook to Reopening CBC. A Guidebook to Reopening CBC   
      Church will be a little different but we thank God for His faithfulness, knowing that soon these regulations will be a distant memory and we can resume the warm and friendly contact with each other we have always enjoyed.
      Brian Burnet, on behalf of the Elders