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      True Love

      March 6, 2020 Pastor Byron Hand

      This Sunday we will be studying 1 Thessalonians 5:12-15 where Paul is stressing Cultivating Healthy Church Relationships. In the center of the passage Paul states that these relationships are to be governed by true and abounding love. In his commentary on First Thessalonians Richard Mayhue shares an overview of what this love is to be like. He actually uses 1 Corinthians 13 as a model for it. I will share it with you Sunday, I will also share it with you now. 


      True Love (5:13)

      These qualities characterize authentic, biblical love according to the Apostle Paul as outlined in 1 Corinthians 13:4–7. He then promises, ‘Love never fails’ (13:8).

      1. ‘Love suffers long.’ Therefore, I will bear with a person’s worst behavior, without retaliation, regardless of the circumstances.

      2. ‘Love is kind.’ Therefore, I will diligently seek ways to be actively useful in another person’s life.

      3. ‘Love does not envy.’ Therefore, I will delight in the esteem and honor given to someone else.

      4. ‘Love does not parade itself.’ Therefore, I will not draw attention to myself exclusive of others.

      5. ‘Love is not puffed up.’ Therefore, I know I am no more important than others.

      6. ‘Love does not behave rudely.’ Therefore, I will not engage any person in ungodly activity.

      7. ‘Love does not seek its own.’ Therefore, I will be others oriented.

      8. ‘Love is not provoked.’ Therefore, I will not resort to anger as a solution to difficulties between myself and others.

      9. ‘Love thinks no evil.’ Therefore, I will never keep an account due on others.

      10. ‘Love does not rejoice in iniquity.’ Therefore, I will never delight in another’s unrighteous behavior, nor will I join its expression.

      11. ‘Love rejoices in the truth.’ Therefore, I will find great joy when truth prevails in another’s life.

      12. ‘Love bears all things.’ Therefore, I will be publicly silent about another’s faults.

      13. ‘Love believes all things.’ Therefore, I will express unshakeable confidence and trust in others.

      14. ‘Love hopes all things.’ Therefore, I will confidently expect future victory in another’s life, regardless of the present imperfections.

      15. ‘Love endures all things.’ Therefore, I will outlast every assault of Satan to break up relationships.


      See You Sunday


      Pastor Byron