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      Who is the Greatest?

      June 7, 2019 Pastor Byron Hand

      Who is the Greatest? 


      Take a moment and consider what has been happening in the gospel accounts in the ministry of Jesus. Two events I want you to consider. 

      He has just washed the disciples feet. The dinner party was almost ruined. Martha Stewart would have been appalled. Hospitality protocol was that each guest would have had their feet washed by the  house servant. No one was there to carry out that responsibility, and none of the disciples volunteered to do so. Jesus then took a towel (John 13), wrapped it around himself and began to wash his disciples feet. In other words, took the position of a slave (see Philippians 2:7). 

      In that same upper room we are again reminded that he would be betrayed by someone close to Him. Someone sitting at that very table. I am amazed that no one clued in to the fact that it was Judas. Jesus had never treated Judas any differently, and even extended grace to him in that last moment. An offer Judas refused, I guess the cash meant more to him than grace did. In Matthew 26:14-16 we read of that betrayal: 

      14 Then Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve disciples, went to the leading priests 15 and asked, “How much will you pay me to betray Jesus to you?” And they gave him thirty pieces of silver. 16 From that time on, Judas began looking for an opportunity to betray Jesus.” 


      Thirty pieces of silver … that was what it cost to buy a slave. Jesus not only took up a towel to perform the duties of a servant, but Jesus’ betrayal price was the price paid for a servant. 

      Is it any wonder that the disciples argument in Luke 22:24 about who would be the greatest just sounds so lame and pitiful. This was not the first of the arguments about seeking places of greatness. It happened in Mark 9 and 10 and again in Chapter 20 of Matthew where James and John had an ally in their corner … Mom. 

      It is amazing how quickly our heart attitudes can shift so quickly from being all about Jesus and the things of God (See Luke 22:14-21) to it being all about ME (Luke 22:24). Jesus addresses what true greatness looks like. The Greatest in God’s sight are those who humbly serve. 

      I read about a church in New Mexico that has a hand lettered sign over the only door into the sanctuary which reads: SERVANTS ENTRANCE. That is how every church should be … a place for servants only.  Who’s the greatest in God’s Kingdom? Those who humbly serve as Jesus did. 

      This week in your mailboxes you will find ballots which strangely resemble our yearly elder ballots. We are seeking congregational input as we seek to give leadership to AWANA and Kings Kids (Our Sunday Morning children’s ministry). We value each one’s input and ask you to prayerfully consider who can fill some vital positions in our church. Thank you in advance for your help. 


      Your Fellow Servant


      Pastor Byron