Building & Grounds


    To maintain the church in good working order and to provide a safe environment for people meeting at the church.
    To continually improve the building to be aesthetically up to date, thereby presenting a pleasing first impression to visitors and providing a family-oriented place that is welcoming.

    CBC's Annual Clean-Up Day!
    Saturday, May 4th, 9am-noon
    Lunch Provided from noon-1pm!

    Please Bring:
    Rakes, Shovels, Power Tools, Chain Saws, Wheelbarrows, Wrenches, portable power washer, etc.

    List of Jobs

    • Rake Lawn
    • Pick up Sticks
    • Clean Eaves Troughs
    • Clean out debris from flower beds
    • Trim & mulch flower beds
    • Clean out shed & storage container - Take unwanted items to landfill or put in dumpster
    • Clean screens & windows (inside & outside) with soap and water
    • Sand down & varnish inside window frames on mail floor
    • Trim unwanted brush on south side of south driveway
    • Level with gravel & leg down all 3 air conditioners on south side of church
    • Clean out leaves & debris from basement window wells.
    • Check outside water tap for leaks
    • Power wash concrete
    • Power wash CBC sign
    • Re-build bridge railings
    • Take apart scone lights and clean with soap & water
    • Clean hand rails and window shelves
    • Fill Holes in main office ceiling
    • Paint Baptismal tank
    • Clean-out/organize baptismal room
    Building and Grounds