Stephen Ministry

    What Is a Stephen Minister?

    A Stephen Minister is

    • a child of God who walks beside a person who is hurting
    • a caring, Christian friend who takes the time to really listen
    • a lay person who has received 50 hours of training in how t0 provide distinctively Christian care.
    • a constant prayer support

    A Stephen Minister is NOT

    • a counsellor or therapist
    • a problem-solver
    • a casual visitor

    How Can You Become Involved?

    Please pray for us:

    • Pray for the leadership team – that we will lead with wisdom, discernment and love, pointing the Stephen Ministers to dependency on the Lord as they minister.
    • Pray for the NEW Stephen Ministers who have completed their training.
    • Pray for our Stephen Ministers as they make their regular visits.
    • Let us (the leaders) know if you or someone you know needs the care and support of a Stephen Minister.

    We, the Stephen Leaders, are always looking for men and women with the gifts of mercy, compassion and encouragement who would be interested in training to become Stephen Ministers. Please prayerfully consider becoming a Stephen Minister.

    For more information, Contact Darrell Shaule, Stephen Ministry Leader



    A Stephen Minister is someone who has received 50 hours of training in topics like listening, confidentiality, feelings, boundaries, empathy, the use of prayer and scripture, etc.

    Once training is completed, each Stephen Minister is paired with someone in the congregation or community who needs a caring friend to walk alongside of them in a supportive and prayerful way during a difficult personal time. Stephen Ministers are not trained as counsellors but rather are trained to identify when a person might need professional help and how to help someone access that help.

    Because of the confidentiality aspect of this ministry, much of what our Stephen Ministers do is done without others being aware of their caring support of people at CBC 7. These godly men and women have committed a substantial portion of their time to supporting and caring for others.

    • Is life more than you can handle alone right now?
    • Is your health, your attitude, or your relationships suffering?
    • Are you adjusting to a new job, change in
      marital status, a serious illness, the death of
      a loved one, or a recent move?
    • Would you like to have someone in your life that
      really cares?

    Everyone goes through difficult times. Having someone to care, to listen, and to share God’s love can help you get through the confusion, stress, or loneliness that you may be experiencing.